10 Trademarked Names We Use Everyday Without Realizing It

There are names of certain products that we use with careless abandon without even realizing that these are actually registered trademarks and a careless mention of them, on an official basis, can land one into heaps of legal trouble.

Here is a list of 10 trademarked products whose names have become synonymous with the commodity rather than the original manufacturer.

1.       Bubble Wrap

Trademarked Names

Bubble Wrap, the best thing for keeping fragile material safe, and soirresistible to pop; is the creation of Sealed Air Corporation and is trademarked by it. We use the word way tooabundantly,but in reality, someone already has dibs on it.


2.       Onesies

Trademarked Names

Those cute little one-piece suits for babies are owned and trademarkedby Gerber Childrenswear. Gerber has also trademarked Twosies and Funziesr.


3.       Jacuzzi

Trademarked Names

The Jacuzzi brothers invented the luxury tub, equipped with a hydrotherapy pump, which truly revolutionized relaxation. They also tend to take their trademarkrather seriously.


4.       Chapstick 

Trademarked Names

Chapstick is a brand name of lip balm produced by Pfizer. So all those lip balms we keep calling chapsticks – well, they really aren’t chapsicks.


5.       Popsicle 

Trademarked Names

Call them pops, ice pops, freezer pops, freezies, or what you may; but be careful when calling a Popsiclea Popsicle. The name is a registered trademark of Unilever.


6.       Q-Tips

Trademarked Names

The cotton swabs that we so readily call Q-Tips are also the trademarked property of Unilever. As the story goes, “Upon observing his wife applying wads of cotton to toothpicks, Leo Gerstenzang, the original founder of the Q-tips Company, conceived the idea of manufacturing a ready-to-use cotton swab. He founded the Leo Gerstenzang Infant Novelty Co., a firm which marketed baby care accessories.” They called them baby gays but the name was changed to Q-tips—the “Q” standing for quality—in 1926. Although it has changed hands several times since then, Unilever owns the brand today.


7.       Scotch Tape

Trademarked Names

Scotch Tape is a brand name used for certain pressure-sensitive tapes manufactured by 3M as part of the company's Scotch brand.


8.       Band-Aids

Trademarked Names

Hands off guys, this adhesive bandage belongs to Johnson & Johnson. They manufactured gauze and adhesive tape separately for wounds until Earle Dickson, the creator,had the idea to combine them to create Band-Aids for his accident-prone wife.


9.       Taser

Trademarked Names

TASER is a trademark of TASER International, and they demand it shouldn’t technically be used as a verb. TASER stands for "Thomas A. Swift's Electric Rifle."


10.   Post-Its

Trademarked Names

Post-its,are a trademark of 3M-Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company. There’s an ongoing trademark tussle between 3M and Microsoft Corporation due to the latter’s Microsoft's Office 97’s yellow notes. 3M also produces Post-It Software Notes, both sold under the Post-It trademark.

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