15 Incredible College Hacks Every Student Should Know

A bit of improvisation and creativity in college life goes a long way.

College life, as fun as it is, could sometimes be a great pain especially when you're on a tight budget.

With money hard to come by, living a comfortable life in congested dorm rooms can be a real challenge. But a bit of improvisation and lateral thinking could do wonders in solving these inconveniences.

Here are 15 college hacks they don't divulge at orientation but really should:

1. Use a Pen to Keep Your Textbook Open


2. Or to Keep Your Chips Fresh


3. Get Organized With an Old Toilet Paper Roll


4. Make Your Lockscreen Your Class Schedule

for the First Few Weeks


5. Use a Color Code on Your Notebooks to Easily Grab the Right One


6. Save Your Legs from Laptop Burn with Egg Cartons


7. Amplify Your iPad with a Solo Cup



8. Hang Your Paper Towels on a Clothes Hanger


9. Save Time and Space By Stacking Your Clothes Vertically In Drawers


10. Dryer Sheets on the Back of a Box Fan: Instant Air Freshner


11. Pizza Box Tops Make Great Dust Pans.


12. Hang Photos and Mementos Using Washi Tape


13. Clean Your Gunky Keyboard With a Post-It Note


14. Make Your 12-Pack Mini-Fridge Sized


15. Use a Pringle Can As a Pasta Holder

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