15 Life Hacks that Will Make Your Life Unbelievably Easy

Here are 15 life hacks that will make your life so easy; you’ll name your first born after us.

Life hacks are simple solutions to every day mind boggling problems.

Call them tricks, shortcuts, skills or just plain common sense (which really isn’t all that common), but they work like miracles.

The term itself was coined in the 1980s: "Life" refers to an individual's productivity; personal organization, work processes, or any area the hacker ethic can be applied to solve a problem. The terms hack, hacking, and hacker have a long history of ambiguity in the computing and geek communities, particularly within the free and open source software crowds.”

Not only did the American Dialect Society voted lifehack as the runner-up for "most useful word of 2005," it was also added to the Oxford Dictionaries Online in June 2011.

So here are 15 everyday life hacks that will change your life.

Too many bowls of food to heat up? Here’s a simple solution:

Just pour a small amount of white glue on the area, let it dry and peel it off. It will oblige by taking the splinter out with it.

Easy to make DIY speakers with fantastic results:

No more mess:

Separate eggs like a pro:

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Now here’s a way of dealing with those &^%$ key rings:

No more boiling mess:

Here comes a perfect pancake:

If only life’s messes could be handled as easily as these chords:

Here’s a problem that no one thought there would be a solution for:

No more embarrassing episodes with a fly that won’t stay put:

Eating left over pizza the next day just got better:

Many a late chords could have been saved:

That iced coffee just got way more better:

A non drip icepack: Now why didn’t we think of that:

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