5 Apps That Help You Quit Smoking

If you're ready to kick your bad habit, these top five apps will get you on the right track.

Your cell phone. It’s with you day and night.  You talk to it more than you should.  You’ve named it. So why not let it help you quit smoking? You’ve already mustered up the strength to turn your consideration of quitting into a full-on commitment, but still need the extra support and accountability. Give your digital bestie the go-ahead to aide you in the quitting process and breathe easier with these Top 5 (free) Apps that help you quit smoking cigarettes.

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Android Compatible Quit Smoking Apps:

Green Quit Smoking- This app uses smoking cessation research study results to help you understand and recognize what type of smoking you are doing.  According to the results of the studies, “Record stage” addiction is when you normally smoke and then record your habit.  “Restraint stage” is when you smoke because the app reminded you to in your time of restraining from smoking. Depending on which stage’s characteristics you exhibit, this app helps you determine your kick-the-habit progress.


Quit Smoking - This app that not only helps you quit smoking, it gives a digital reality check that literally asks if you can wait to smoke a cigarette or if it can wait.  Depending on your honesty, the Quit Smoking app will determine if you’re progressing in your effort to put down the nicotine stick.  Additionally, the Quit Smoking Log is another useful app that can be used in tandem or in place of the regular Quit Smoking app.


Apple Compatible Quit Smoking Apps:

My Last Cigarette - Designed with motivation and dedication in mind, this app is perfect for smokers that are making the switch to the non-smoking world.  By providing an estimate of years you will have added to your life by quitting, this app will help you feel confident about your decision to quit while giving you a reasonable overall health goal.


QuitNow! - Giving you the ability to build a support system with other recently quit smokers, this app works best for moments of doubt and when the nicotine fit becomes too strong to ignore.  Having someone to confide in while struggling with the addiction is helpful, and another person is only an app away.


App Compatible for Both Operating Systems:

Quit Companion - Android/Apple- Combining the best features of all the quit smoking apps is the Quit Companion.  You will be able to get a support system going through your family and friends, who will be encouraged by the app to send you positive reinforcements throughout the quitting process.  The app is also customizable to your personal quitting needs.


Quitting is a lifelong process that is easier for some people than it is for others.  Find yourself a support system of friends and family, and helpful resource information about nicotine addiction and tobacco use.

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