These Sassy Seniors Will Make You Question Your Youth

June, 5, 2014: If you think the elderly are redundant and boring, this will be the biggest wake-up call.

91-Year-Old Marathon Runner Harriette Thompson

At age 91, Harriette Thompson accomplished what most of us would not even dare think about in our youth. She broke the country’s record for the fastest marathon run in the 90-94 age group, with a whopping seven hours, seven minutes and 42 seconds.

Thompson, who is a cancer survivor herself, runs to raise awareness about leukemia and has managed to raise $90,000 for the cause. She is an inspiration to all of us.

90-Year-Old Pole Vaulter Dr. William Bell

Can anyone be any cooler than him? While athletes around the world were gearing up for 2012 Olympics, Dr. William Bell was breaking records in his shed in Arkansas. He holds the world record for his age group in pole vaulting. Now that’s how you do it!

Inspirational Body Builder Ernestine Shepherd

At 74, Ernestine Shepherd still holds the Guinness World Record for being the oldest competitive female bodybuilder in the world. It all started at age 56 when she and her sister Mildred Blackwell went to try on swimsuits and found their bodies were out of shape and begun taking aerobics classes.

After her sister’s death in 1992, she continued her bodybuilding career in her memory. She now leads exercise classes for seniors at the Union Memorial United Methodist Church in Baltimore and also works as a personal trainer.

Stunning Salsa dancing grandma Paddy Jones

When 80-year-old Paddy Jones appeared on "Britain’s Got Talent" along her partner Nico, people didn’t expect much from her. She even got the buzzer from Simon due to her “slow” dance moves but when the lady finally got into her element, she surely brought the house down with her electrifying performance.

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Not only did she reach the final of "Britain’s Got Talent," but this sassy grandma also holds the Guinness world record for being the oldest acrobatic salsa dancer.

This Grandma!

Because, why the hell not?

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