These Everyday Food Items Will Break Your Bank

Yes, a $1,000 pizza actually exists. Everyone has different preferences on how they spend their money. While some people love buying clothes, others splurge on food.

Recently Sameera Raziuddin, a medical student, broke a record by ordering the most expensive drink at Starbucks in one of their Florida outlets. Her order amounted to $61.22 but was later reduced to $57.75 after she paid the bill through her loyalty card.

Expensive Ordinary Food

There are many people like Sameera who don’t bat an eye when spending on food, even if it may be ordinary items like pizza and bagels.

Here are five everyday foods that are extraordinary because of their price:

1 - Pizza

Pizza can come as cheap as under $1 per slice at hole in the wall pizzerias across the country, but at El Nino, an upscale New York City restaurant, you can buy a pie for a whopping $,1000. With toppings ranging from lobster tail, crème fraiche, and six different types of caviar, this 12-inch pizza is a gourmet meal.

Expensive Ordinary Food

2 - Hamburgers

Taking its roots from Germany, American hamburgers are known worldwide for being both appetizing and inexpensive. However “The Double Truffle Hamburger” at DB Bistro Moderne New York City restaurant will break the bank. This exquisite creation of chef Daniel Baoloud has 3 ounces of rib meat, truffles and foie grass enclosed in 7 ounces of sirloin steak. Its serving with parmesan cheese and a poppy bun makes worth $125.

Expensive Ordinary Food

3 - Bagel

The Westin in New York City has the most expensive bagel for $1,000 because apart from the white truffle cream cheese it has toppings including goji-berry infused Riesling jelly and gold leaf. But what makes it worth splurging on is the fact that one portion of the price is donated to the Les Amis d’Escoffier Scholarship that helps train future chefs.

Expensive Ordinary Food

4 - Cheesesteak

Available in Barclay Prime, Philadelphia this cheesesteak costs $100 and its ingredients include Wagyu rib-eye with foie grass, homemade fontina cheese and sesame rolls. One glass of Dom Perignon 2000 accompanies the order to make it worthwhile.

Expensive Ordinary Food

5 - Hot dog

Hot dogs have got to be the cheapest fast foot around but Capitol Dawg in California has one priced at $145.49.

California Capitol City Dawg weighs three-quarters of a pound. This 18-inch pure beef hotdog is made up of French mustard, shallots, apple wood smoked uncured bacon, garlic and herb mayonnaise, Swedish moose cheese, pepper, dried cranberries and a cranberry-coconut- balsamic vinaigrette. The meat is served in focaccia roll.

Expensive Ordinary Food

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