5 Ways To Start Your Day Like A Genius

A genius has the same 24 hours in a day as you do. Ever wondered how they manage to do more? If they don’t wake up groggy, why do others?

A genius has the same 24 hours in a day as you do.

Ever wondered how they manage to achieve more? If they don't wake up groggy, why do others?

Well their morning habits have a lot to do with that. Mornings should not be a dreaded time of the day. After all, when the start is good then rest of the day ought to be awesome.

1)      Devise your own dawn regime & stick to it

To build your own dawn regime, take a note of your mornings and nights. On a system or your phone or with a pen & paper, note down how much time you spend doing what. Next, understand where you are wasting your time and what are you missing out on.

Now it will be very easy to plan a morning that would make you happier and more energetic for the rest of the day.

2)      Get some fresh air

This isn’t about weight loss or exercising as such, it’s just about taking in some oxygen to get the blood pumping. Enjoy some tea or coffee on the balcony, go for a walk or run or simply tend to your plants. In short, do whatever you love doing but outside the four walls.

3)      Wake up to a pretty sight

The space you see first thing in the morning should be mess free. Keep your room clean and not cluttered. Surround yourself with photographs, quotes or anything else that brings a smile to your face.

4)      Aim at something bigger

That something should be a bigger goal not necessarily massive. Keep a primary agenda for your morning. For example, train for a half marathon or read that pending book or research paper or take an online course.

5)      Socialise later in the day

Your mornings should be your ‘Me’ time not social networking time.

Save that for later. Use this time to collect your thoughts, channelize your energy and figure out the day ahead.

These are simple, yet genius tricks for a happier and more productive day ahead. The first two or three steps might seem difficult and ought to be. After all, you will be breaking away from an old habit. But soon they will flow in and you will notice a difference. For optimum results do remember to eat a hearty and balanced breakfast.

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