Meet 5 Whacky Startups That You Will Love

Startups are companies set up to test business models developed around new ideas. Here are some startups which we might not think we need, but we do. A crazy idea that isn’t really crazy anymore!

Everyone loves startups. They are inspiring, innovative and sometimes some of them are just plain bizarre. From renting mourners to crazy sweaters and other holiday accessories, here are 5 whacky successful startups of things and services we didn’t even know we needed:

The Cocksman Club

The Cocksman Clubfounded by Ethan Basch, offers male-only subscription-based condom services to encourage safe sex and they do it with swag.

No doubt there is good intent and a larger cause behind this but let’s be honest, this is still a little bizarre. Wait for it, it gets more bizarre especially when you hear about their four subscription plans, namely; Player, All Star, Champion and Legendary (Whaa??!). Basch wants to grow into a men’s lifestyle brand and build a second company aimed at women.

Watch them talk about the “exclusive” men-club in this cocky ad:


Not sure if people are going to show up at the funeral? Have no worries and rent ‘em out thanks to Rent a Mourner.

This out-of-the-box startup can send a group of people to the funeral who will actually cry. Some fake friends mourning the loss at a funeral? Weird, but apparently there is a need for it. The ‘rented’ mourners will meet you to know all about the deceased and develop a compelling story about how they knew him/her before they show up at the funeral.

According to the company, "This can usually be a popularity issue or being new to an area, or indeed, the country. We can supply professional, polite, well dressed individuals to attend funerals and wakes."

And if you’re wondering it’s all bogus, then them turning down 60 funerals because they are overbooked is proof enough.


Ugly sweaters are as crucial to the festive season as eggnog, the tree and Santa. Founder John Kaplar of, turned the love of tacky holiday sweaters into a business by selling nothing but holiday sweaters and scarves.

They are corny, tacky and many are downright ugly. Skedouche’s designs features snowflakes, Santas, reindeers and the likes and are exclusive to the site. Not only this but there’s also a Naughty Christmas Sweater line. All of which turns the most awkward festive element into a joke is definitely hilarious and is quite a hit.

Bridal Brokerage

Did you know about 250,000 weddings are called off in a year in USA, and that an average wedding costs $27,000? Imagine the sting… OUCH!

That’s where Bridal Brokeragecomes in, to ease the money-pain for you. They will help sell your complete wedding or help you buy one. Turning one man’s loss into another’s gain, it’s brilliant and a perfect fix.

The founder of the university startup Lauren Byrne has been a bridesmaid 17 times already. According to her, the idea struck her when one of those weddings was cancelled at the last minute.


Cannabis goes the luxury and classy route with its first luxury pot accessories brand – Rodawg.

As crazy as this seems, if you look at the plastic pills bottle of legally approved cannabis you will see from where founder Joshua Gordon got the idea.

Rodawg is developing a whole range of classy boxes, pods, rollers and crushers for people who need marijuana for medical reasons. “When you walk into a liquor store and buy a nice bottle of Cognac it’s well branded, comes in a nice glass bottle, sometimes even a felt case. When you walk into a marijuana establishment, you should really have that same experience” says Gordon.

Rodawg is here to take out the word ‘shady’ from the weed.  Check out the Rodawg lifestyle here: 

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