5 Steps To A New, Slimmer You From Thanksgiving To Christmas

Cringing at the thought of unwanted bulges this Christmas? Don't. There's a very doable way of trimming down before then.

5 Steps To A New, Slimmer You From Thanksgiving To Christmas

It’s the time of the year that we all look forward to as it sums up all that is good and cherish-able, family, friends, the spirit of charity, giving and sharing and never to be underestimated, a whole lot of memories to last us through a lifetime.

The season also brings people together, that means meeting family; friends; having parties; dinners; lunches; casual get-togethers; in short a whole lot of socializing.

Who doesn’t want to look good?

And guess what? Being fit is a big part of looking good. Having said that, this season of food, family, fun and festivities is not an easy time to be fit.

Thanksgiving is almost here, but there’s time for Christmas, and before you think there’s no time, let us tell you four weeks is all you need.

Trust us, all you have to do is follow these easy things and you will be amazed by the new you on Christmas.

Here they are:

1.       Forget the idea of three meals a day- Scratch it out of your life, for life.

This is the golden rule that changes it all. Christmas may be the perfect opportunity to start but there is no reason to stop. Break your daily food intake into four to six small meals or snacks and make sure that each meal is not more than 400 calories.

No, you will not feel hungry or weaken out. In fact you will feel fuller and active within the first two weeks.

Just one word of caution, make sure your last meal of the day is at least 2 hours before bedtime.

2.       Avoid “white” carbohydrates and processed foods.

Go for whole grain bread and pasta, brown rice and just forget about sugar.

3.       Drink at least 10, 8 oz.(236 ml) glasses of water a day

It sounds like a lot but really isn’t. Once you build the habit, you won’t even notice it. But the difference you’ll notice in just two weeks will be enough to stick to the habit for life.

NOTE: Till Christmas at least, restrict your drinking to iced cold water instead of sodas and fancy cocktails. Go ahead with tea, coffee, (no milk or sugar of course) green tea and fresh juices. Avoid alcohol as much as possible.

4.       Exercise

Take the timeout but don’t let it become a chore. Start with what you can.

- Join a gym; working out with people who have the same goals (staying fit and looking fabulous) makes the sweat and strain bearable. After a time you even start looking forward to it.

Can’t go t gym, work out at home; do cardio; skipping; squats; yoga; whatever suits you. Go online and you’ll find all the guidance you need. Just know your body and work accordingly.

Can’t exercise? Walk. Walk half an hour daily; work it up to an hour. Want faster results, walk for half an hour after every meal.

Just don’t make exercising a chore.

5.       Make smart choices-make it a lifelong practice

You can socialize; enjoy dinner and lunch parties, eat out with friends. No need to be the odd one out. Just make smart choices.

- Instead of ordering a burger, order a vegetable Taco

- Go for soups and salads

- Steak Out (in portions of course)

- Swap sodas with smoothies and fresh juice or better yet iced cold water

- Can’t resist that yummy chocolate cake or mouth watering ice cream? Eat it. Just take a smaller portion and work out an extra 30 minutes.

- Can’t abide unsweetened coffee, tea or milk? Use honey.

- Chew your food well, you will feel fuller, the food will digest better and your metabolism will do half your work for you.

And remember- working out good food from the bad is not rocket science.

It’s simple:

Good Food

- Egg white

- Lean chicken meat (skinned and boneless is best)

 - Fish

- Lentils
- Black beans
- Pinto beans

- Vegetables (more Fresher and greener the better)

- Fruits

- Skimmed Milk

- Low fat yoghurt

- Low fat Cheese

- Olive Oil

- Coffee (black and unsweetened)

- Tea (black and unsweetened)

- Green tea (unsweetened)

- Fresh juices


Bad Food

- Sodas

- Fried food

- Processed Food (Sorry, no sausages, canned food etc)

- Sugar

- White bread; pasta; rice

- Margarine

And remember this does not mean doing all of the above in addition to your regular routine. Follow it religiously for a month and be a new you on Christmas. Surprise your friends and family and burn the heck out of all the snooty ones!

If it doesn’t work, you know where to reach us.

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