Disgusting Food Items That Are Eaten Around The World

It's time we all be a bit adventurous with our food choices.

We've been feasting on the Earth's fruits for millions of years without giving a thought to what might happen if the Mother Nature finally runs out of gas.

Such a scenario may seem far-fetched now, but a hundred years from now with the world's population closing in on a staggering 11 billion, food drought could be a reality.Based on these facts, The Economist has released a video that encourages people to include insects in their diet.

As unpalatable as they seem, insects are a great source of protein and their consumption as food at mass level could really ease the burden on the Earth's food chain.

But despite their high nutritional value, insects may be a bit too gnarly for most of us to munch on. But there’s other planet-friendlyalternatives which should feature on diet charts.

Raw Blood Soup

Folks over in Vietnam are very fond of soup, but one that is made with raw blood of ducks or geese. Actually, they use blood in several other dishes as well.


Ant Eggs

Alternative Food

Ant eggs may gross most of us out, but they actually are very famous taco fillings in Mexico. People in Thailand love it too.


Human Placenta

The practice of eating a human placenta exists in some parts of China and Hong Kong, and some western cultures have also adopted it too, despite the fact that it is practically cannibalism. They believe placentas have restorative properties.


Snake Vine

Alternative Food

In Southeast Asia, snake wine is widely popular for its strong taste as well as restorative properties.


Rocky Mountain Oysters

Alternative Food

The name sounds delicious so does its look, but the thing about Rocky Mountain Oysters is that they're deep-fried bull testicles.


Century Egg

Century egg is a famous Chinese cuisine, the base ingredient of which are duck, chicken or quail eggs that are made by preserving them in a mixture of clay, ash, salt, quicklime, and rice hulls for several months. In other words, they are basically rotten eggs.


Baby Mice Wine

Alternative Food

Over in China and Korea, wine made from baby mice is a rather effective health tonic and is widely consumed.

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