7 Of The Most Over-The-Top Luxury Items

Cash burning a hole in your pocket? These crazy luxury items are calling your name.

We know you've been cooling your drinks with subpar ice. No need to be embarrassed by this social faux pas; the nightmare has ended with luxury ice.

At just $6.50 a pop (that's per cube, not tray), you get the ice you always knew you deserved, a cube that solves the "age-old problems" of making your ice with municipal water. You know, that water floating with contaminants and making ice that (gasp!) melts into your drink.

While you're putting in your order for luxury ice, check out these other insanely overpriced, over-the-top and just plain ridiculous luxury products.

$1 Million Lure

Teach a man to fish and you'll feed him for a lifetime. Teach a man to fish with a $1 million lure and you'll put him in the poorhouse. 

This lure has 3 lbs. of gold and platinum, not to mention the 100 carats of diamonds and rubies. We're sure the trout are duly impressed.

Tunes In The Toilet

No need to stop your jam session when Mother Nature calls. Just pop your iPod into your fancy, 100 percent necessary toilet paper iPod dock. For the low price of $229, your bathroom breaks will be musical. Don't forget to stock it with 24-carat gold toilet paper for $242.

$1,000 Ice Cream Break

I scream, you scream, we all scream for luxury ice cream. The $1,000 "Golden Opulence Sundae" lives up to its name, packing in the calories and the cash with Tahitian vanilla ice cream covered by 24-carat gold leaf, candied fruit flown in from France and a special dessert caviar. But hey, you get to keep the gold goblet it's served in.

Solid Gold And Black Diamond iPhone

Why get the iPhone in gold color when you can get an actual solid gold phone with a black diamond? It's only $17 million. Deal! We're pretty sure your $5/month insurance plan won't cover this phone when you drop it into the toilet. 

Play Ball!

It's only the finest for your Little Leaguer with this $14,100 baseball mitt. When your kid is diving for those pop ups in center field, you'll know his hand is encased in hand-sewn gold swift calfskin.

Billion Dollar Yacht (Times 4)

Presenting the luxury item to out-lux them all. The History Supreme is a $4.5 billion purchase and you'll float on water buoyed by 100,000 kilos of gold and platinum with a rare diamond on board. Ahoy!

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