7 Record-Setting Jobs That Go To Extremes

You'll never believe how many years the world's longest-serving bartender served drinks.

Monday is Labor Day, the day we in America honor the common working stiff. 

Did you ever wonder which jobs are the "most"? The most well-paid, the most dangerous, the most ridiculous job title? 

Check out this top seven "most" for jobs:

The Most Dangerous Job

You don't get paid very well, but you do have a high chance of death or gruesome injuries if you're a logger. Loggers don't just face the obvious -- falling tree limbs -- but unsteady ground and paying for the mistakes of coworkers. According to Time, there are 127.8 deaths per 100,000 loggers. But you can make a cool $34,600 as a logger.


The Most Well-Paid Job

Get out your scalpel and get yourself a medical degree. Surgeons have the highest average salary in the U.S. at $233,150, according to Forbes. In fact, the top five best paying jobs are in the medical/health field. You could shoot for No. 6 instead: a petroleum engineer at a paltry $130,280.


Job You're Most Likely To Get

If you don't mind getting to know your employer very well, became a personal care aide. There is a 49 percent growth expected between 2012 and 2022 in this field, mostly due to an aging Baby Boomer generation. 

Job You're Least Likely To Get

The U.S. Department of Labor doesn't list the industry with the drop dead last percentage in growth, but does give more than 80 fields where jobs are shrinking. So if you've ever dreamed of being a fashion designer, editor, animal breeder, farmer, locomotive engineer or meat packer, you have an uphill battle.


Jobs With The Most Stress And The Least

When you're kicking back with buds and beer this weekend, remember there are plenty of other wage slaves feeling the stress. Unsurprisingly, enlisted military personnel face the highest on-the-job stress levels (going to war can do that.)

If stress isn't your thing, become an audiologist. They work in the least stressful field, according to Forbes


Jobs With The Most Tongue-Tying Titles

You know what they say, the longer the job title the less important the job. There's a reason the leader of the free world is just called president. Some employers didn't get the memo.

In 2005, CNN called "temporary part-time libraries North-West inter-library loan business unit administration assistant" the longest job title ever.

In California, Jim Erb's title probably can't fit on a nameplate. He's the San Luis Obispo County Auditor-Controller-Treasurer-Tax Collector-Public Administrator (and proud of it).


Years You'll Have To Work To Be The World's Most Senior ...

Ice cream man: 48. That's the record set by Paolino Salamone, an Italian man who scooped up ice cream in the United Kingdom from 1965-2013.

Postal worker: 53 years, 48 days. This record goes to Japan's Takashi Miyaoka.

Civil servant: 63 years, 10 days. Hardy William Cash worked for the same town, the City of Hampton, Virginia, from just after World War II through 2011. That's a lot of red tape.

Bartender: 71 years. Clarice J. Kramer Cadarette Grenkowicz pulled the drinks at Maplewood Tavern in Michigan long enough to see at least three generations of tipplers come through.

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