This Is Why You Don't Mess With Old People: VIDEO

Age is just a number for these 7 senior citizens, who can kick your behind and still tell stories about the good ol' days.

We often associate old age with physical weakness as advancing years takes its toll on the human body.

No man in his prime, not even those who crave the art of fighting, want to take on an old man in a duel. It's not that the wrinkly old sack of bones is anything to be afraid of. It's just that gray hair and physical frailty commands heightened respect. Besides, a few strong blows could kill these oldies.

There are some exceptions to this rule. There are some elderly who can take on people half their age. Cross them and they wouldn't hesitate putting you in your place.

Buzz Aldrin – 82

Buzz Aldrin routinely gets hassled by conspiracy theorists who believe he and his pals faked the man on the moon journey. One time, a pesky fella named Bart Sibrelgot on this octogenarian's nerves and he proceeded to punch him in his face.


Sam 'Sonny' Bryant – 70

This pose doesn't do justice to the big guns that Sam "Sonny" Bryant has. This 70-year-old is a champion bodybuilder from Georgia who it seems has stopped ageing. Just look at his body:


Thomas A. Bruso aka the Epic Beard Man – 67

In February 2010, Thomas A. Bruso's white beard led a fellow bus passenger to assume that he is weak. After running his mouth, the other guy – who was 17 years Bruso's junior – took a swing. What he didn't know was that Bruso is a Vietnam veteran who is more than capable of punching his way out of confrontations. Minutes later, the 67-year-old had beaten his opponent's face to a pulp.


Clint Eastwood – 84


There is something about this Hollywood veteran that says he isn't pretending when he plays tough guy characters on the big screen. Despite being 84, he saved a man's life earlier this year by preventing him from choking.


Manohar Aich – 102

Nicknamed Pocket Hercules, this Indian ex-bodybuilder named Manohar Aichwon the 1952 Mr. Universe - Group III championship. Even at the age of 102, as shown above, his biceps have more muscle than most teenagers these days. He may be a centenarian but still you don't wanna try him.


Ernestine Shepherd – 77

You're probably thinking why is this frail old lady on the list? Scroll down and you'll find out that even at the age of 77 she has a magnificent physique. In fact, until 2011, she used to be the oldest competitive female bodybuilder in the world. When this grandma flexes, she becomes this:



The Old Fighting Machine In Here

This video here starts off with a group of four men trying to rob a guy. They'd have succeeded if it wasn't for another group that came to his rescue. The second group of men has a one gray-haired fella who is the feistiest of them all. Wait till the end to see how this old man sent multiple bad guys to the floor within a few seconds. Kudos.

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