97-Year-Old Cross Big Rig Driving Off Bucket List

'Nobody's gonna stop me,' says great-grandmom Vera Abruzzi.

It was a bucket list item 80 years in the making. Great-grandmother Vera Abruzzi harbored a secret desire to drive a big rig tractor-trailer.

The 97-year-old from New Jersey finally got her wish this week with a tractor-trailer lesson that saw her earn high praise from the instructor, News 12 reports. 

Tooting the truck horn in celebration, Abruzzi managed to take the big rig out for a spin in addition to hitching and unhitching a trailer to the cab. 

"I do what I want," Abruzzi says. "Nobody's gonna stop me, nobody but the good Lord.

"Now my dreams have come true and I'm satisfied."

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