Now There's A Onesie For Grown Men. The World Must Be Ending.

A comfortable onesie made to look like a business outfit. Will it catch on?

When people hear the term "onesie", they usually think of a one piece bodysuit for babies or toddlers. 

Cute, huh? Looks comfortable! Onesies are for babies. Or toddlers. But wait...

One company thinks differently and has set out to change the way men get dressed for work. The office-appropriate "Suitsy" iexactly what you think it is -- a business suit onesie hybrid. 

Is the target audience the extremely lazy office worker? Or is efficiency the key? 

The Suitsy looks like a regular suit worn over a white dress shirt. However the sleeves peeking from under the jacket cuffs don’t go anywhere.  Additionally, the shirt front is connected directly to the blazer.  Hidden behind the buttons down the front, is a zipper that runs from the neck to the base of the fly. 

Yup. You can now zip yourself into an outfit and head out the door. 

There are some that think a one-piece suit isn't such a bad thing. Others aren't so sure. 

Betabrand, a northern California clothing company, posted photos of the suit/onesie mashup on its website in September. Part of its Think Tank program for design ideas, the Suitsy will move to the crowdfunding stage if it  gets enough votes by Oct. 16. The Suitsy now has more than 850 "yes" votes.  

What's your vote -- best dressed or worst idea? 

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