Will This Crime-Fighting ‘Eye In The Sky’ Invade Your Privacy?

A new air-surveillance system provides police with real-time video to help tackle crime.

Here we are again, at the clashing crossroads of privacy and security.

A new surveillance system, which collects and records information in real time, has been introduced as a test system in Baltimore, Md., and Dayton, Ohio.

A retired Air Force veteran Ross McNutt, who owns a company called Persistent Surveillance Systems, invented the technology by outfitting planes with high-resolution cameras which can record 25 square miles of a particular area.

As described by the McNutt, it is like “a live version of Google Earth, only with TiVo capabilities”.

Its critics are raising privacy concerns. A 24-hour video surveillance tracking your every movement may seem bothersome.

However, Richard Biehl, chief of the Dayton Police Department disagrees, "I think once the community understands that both the capability of this technology and its limitations will be applied in a very strategic, very thoughtful manner – lawful manner. I think we get reasonable people to agree that this is a technology that we should continue to explore."

The technology, being dubbed as ‘eye in the sky’, has been tested in Compton for over a year now.

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