Meet The Guy Who Takes The Most Amazing Selfies In The World

May, 14, 2014: Alex Chacón sold all his belongings to travel around the world for charity and epic selfies.

Just when selfies were becoming cheesy and atrocious, this guy came along to save the day.  Travelling 125,946 miles in 36 countries on 5 motorcycles in 600 days, adventure rider Alex Chacón captured some of the best moments of his trip and turned them into a three-minute video.

The Texan traveler Chacón went on a selfie rampage around the world aided only with a few essentials, his motorcycle, and his GoPro camera mounted at the end of a pole. With his trusty camera, he took 360° rotational selfies in every landscape imaginable, including boundless deserts, serene beaches, mammoth mountains, and lush fields.

His journey was homage to Argentine revolutionary Che Guevara’s similar motorcycle trip.  El Che travelled more than 5,000 miles across South America, a journey which had a transformative impact on his later political life.

According to Chacón’s website, he sold everything he had – including his car, TV, and clothes – before embarking on his prodigious journey. He then departed his hometown of El Paso, Texas, with nothing to return back to and continued to live out of his motorcycle for the next 3 years.

All this was for a reason. Throughout his trips, Chacón raised funds for Children of Uganda, a charitable organization which is working towards the empowerment of women and children from the African country.

We hope that he continues his travels and ventures further to the ends of the Earth to keep providing us with magnificent snippets of his wondrous journey.

We present some of the best photos of the travels from his Facebook page:

Chilling in Chile

Posing in Peru

Breathtaking Bolivia

Inspiring India

Mesmerizing Muscat (Oman)

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