Alone On Thanksgiving? How About A Meal With Strangers?

The second annual ThanksSharing can be the answer to holiday loneliness.

Alone on Thanksgiving? Or maybe you're just not that excited about spending the annual meal with family. You can now share this holiday tradition with strangers.  

Meal Sharing is a company that connects urban residents for home-cooked meals in over 450 cities worldwide. The second annual ThanksSharing is on now, encouraging people to host or attend Thanksgiving dinners at private homes.

"Hosts on the platform can advertise that they're opening up their table for Thanksgiving, so that nobody has to eat alone on Thanksgiving. And we really believe that people should be eating home cooked with people every day, but especially on Thanksgiving," said Jay Savsani, Meal Sharing's founder. He says especially helpful if you're new to a city and haven't really met anyone yet.

So if you're ready to skip a family event with that drunk uncle, passive aggressive mom or bratty kids? Check out Meal Sharing!

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