Peanut Butter Used To Smell Out Alzheimer's Disease

Peanut Butter is now being used to detect Alzheimer's disease early on, through a smell test.

Peanut butter is yummy.  It has a very unique smell to it which goes along with its flavor, and is really a distinct that can only be described as tasty.  Alzheimer's is a disease that essentially rots away the brain, making people forget things up to the point that they forget how to breathe and die.  The two were separate forces in the universe, but now they have a connection that may help everyone out, thanks to scientists devising an early-stage test for the disease involving smelling peanut butter.  Just not off my finger.

Health researchers at the University of Florida's McKnight Brain Institute Center for Smell and Taste have been working on devising smell tests for different diseases.  In particular, graduate student Jennifer Stamps noted that sense of smell is likely one of the first things to fade when Alzheimer's disease begin to take hold, due to its connection to a cranial nerve that is often the first to go, unlike in other .  However, Dr. Kenneth Heilman, lead researcher at the McKnight Brain Institute Center, needed an item that would be cheap to smell.  Stamps thought peanut butter, due to its powerful and particular smell.

The health researchers devised a simple test using the peanut butter and a ruler.  They would move the peanut butter closer and closer to each nostril until a patient could smell it.  They would go to each nostril, one at a time.  The results were pretty staggering and clear:  In patients with early-stage Alzheimer's disease, researchers discovered that the left nostril was impaired and could not smell the peanut butter until it was about four inches closer to the nostril than the right nostril.  This difference was not apparent in other dementia-like cases, where the smell distance was even, or the right nostril was impaired.

This peanut butter smell test could be very useful in testing for Alzheimer's disease in the early stage.  Most tests for Alzheimer's only happen when people are already mid-stage in the process, thus making treatment very difficult, and shortening one's lifespan significantly.  By getting a diagnosis early through smelling peanut butter, it would make it far easier to treat the symptoms early, and greatly improve one's livelihood and chances.  Plus, getting peanut butter is cheap and easy.  So, we may be able to help handle Alzheimer's better by treating it earlier for peanuts.  Just keep away from my peanut butter.

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