Amazing! Exercisers Creating Art Using GPS

A new form of art is emerging. A new form of art is emerging; exercisers are using their GPS to create images.

Marathon runners or cyclists download fitness apps such as RunKeeper, Nike+ or Strava Run to create these entertaining images on the GPS.

One bicyclist named Bret Lobree went the extra mile to create a drawing of a turkey for Thanksgiving on his GPS. Lobree and a group of 7 cyclists rode for 52.9 miles through the streets of San Francisco to accomplish that.

So what inspired these exercisers to begin making GPS drawings? The desire to stay motivated along with the fact that others were already creating GPS drawings and posting them to social media.

“Lobree said he began his GPS drawing hobby several years ago after he'd ridden every single street in San Francisco. When he was done with that, he needed a new goal to stay motivated and noticed a few other people posting their GPS creations on Facebook. He decided to try it out for himself and was hooked right away,” according to ABC News.

Interestingly, however, the cyclists still use a paper map to ensure they are on the right path. "Ironically, I draw with GPS but I have to hold a paper map to help navigate," Lobree told ABC News.

Over the past few years the GPS drawings have become more and more elaborate, according to Michael Oldenburg, a spokesman for Strava navigation systems. It will be interesting to see how much more creative these GPS drawings grow.

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