These Amazing Paintings Are Actually Discarded Books

This artwork on discarded books is awe-inspiring. Mike Stilkey, an artist from Los Angeles, has found a creative way to use books that are not widely read and are thrown away.

Stilkey takes those discarded books and transforms them into beautifully eccentric paintings. His "book" art has been displayed in places like Hong Kong and England, among other countries.

Stilkey uses colored pencils, lacquer, paint and mixture of inks to create the vivid art pieces.

His paintings range from portraits of people to humanoid animals that are illustrated on huge piles of stacked books.

Two of the most remarkable of the paintings are a Behemoth painted on 5,000 books in Texas and a 24-foot tall and 14-foot wide portrait installed in a Hong Kong shopping mall. 

Mike Stilkey’s work can be viewed here.

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