Are You Brave Enough To Take A Bite Out Of These Creepy Crawlies?

Here are some baked goods that are not meant for the faint-hearted.

Waffle cones anyone?

These stacked lemon bars with handmade creeps:

The cat has just the right expression for this "thing" which is really just a sugar cookie glued together with caramel and glazed with milk, sugar and nutmeg:

Why would anyone do this?

One would think twice about approaching this Danzig birthday cake:

This birthday cake made for a voodoo-bayou-themed party:

And if you feel inspired by now, here’s how you make these creepy crawly shortbread cookies:

Just kneed and sculpt the dough, glue together with caramel, bake, paint in chocolate and dust with toasted coconut- If you really must…

These baked monstrosities are the creation of Los Angeles-based, multi-talented Christine H. McConnell, who is also an artist and photographer.

Check out her Instagram feed, which is full of beautiful and intricate baked products. Her artistry and passion is apparent in each one of them.

She is one talented lady, isn’t she? There’s more to her though; as her Flickr profile goes, "Her lifelong fascination with esthetics inspired her to cultivate many talents which ultimately led her to photography. She personally styles all models for her shoots as well as creates many of the clothes seen throughout this site. Her photos have been displayed in magazines, billboards and national advertising campaigns.

"Christine moonlights as a stylist at the renowned Cal Martini Color Group in Beverly Hills.

"She's worked on celebrities for events and film and is able to replicate hair and makeup styles from any era."

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