Bark Buddy: A Hookup App For Dogs That Will Melt Your Heart

Did you know there is Tinder for dogs? Let’s take a look at the app that helps these lonesome canines look for companionship.

Yes, the single woes of the canine world are to be eased, if not eliminated. Bark Buddy promises to provide the perfect opportunity to, “Find fluffy singles in your area.”

Made to resemble the dating site Tinder, Bark Buddy is misleading but one can forgive the developers  as their intentions are most noble.

This is a hookup app, but it pairs owners with their choice of dogs.

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Its interface is attractive, interactive and quite simple.

All one has to do is download the app and create a profile for their dog if they want to put it up for adoption or go through doggie profiles to find their perfect pup. Users select details like age, size, energy level, etc, to narrow down the search. In addition, the app uses preferences and past behavior to show users dogs they might be interested in.

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Just like Tinder, one can swipe the photos on the screen either left or right for a “yes” or “no,” or tap the “X” or “heart” button at the bottom. Once shortlisted, a meeting can be arranged between the lucky ones with a few taps.

Now isn’t it just wonderful?

No wonder it’s an instant hit:

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