"Berry" Gross. Burger King's New Burger Sounds Yuck.

The new menu item is available today in Japan. This looks "berry" gross.

Following the not-so-delish looking all-black burger, Burger King is causing a web-wide "ewww" with a berry-topped burger available in Japan for 590 yen, about 5 bucks in the U.S. 

The "Premium Berry" burger hits the winter menu starting today. It looks normal – except for the cranberry sauce and blueberries topping the meat between the buns. Did we say "yuck"? Yuck. 

The advertisement for the new sandwich wishes everyone a “Berry Kristmush.” Another item featured is the Mush ’n’ Cheese burger. (What a name!)  The topping is actually not mush (whew!) but mushrooms and cheese. 

Pizza sized burgers were another menu item the fast food giant added that got a universal "thumbs-down". 

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