Best Bottled Waters for Health Conscious Employees

Water keeps up healthy by removing toxins and nourishing our organs and skin. For those of us who are working long hours in the office every day it’s more important than ever to stay hydrated on the job.


Water, without question, is good for all living human beings.  It cleanses our bodies of toxins, aides us in cleaning our teeth, and nourishes our organs from the inside out.  What could be better than this simple life giving element?  Making it better than it already is, of course.  For those of us who slave away during the waking hours of life while at work, it is important to stay hydrated.

Bottle of Water and Tumbler Glass

Although it is universally acceptable to drink clean water, there are an overwhelming amount of bottled water drinking options available to us.  How can you choose just one?  Compiled below is a list of the best bottled drinking water for all you worker bees that benefit daily from the hydrating power of water.


FIJI Natural Artesian Water- Sold throughout the United States is one of the most delicious tasting, body-friendly bottled waters but is imported from the Yaqara Valley of Viti Levi.  Hidden deep within an artesian aquifer on the brim of an untouched rainforest and processed without any human hands touching it, Fiji Water is among the purest bottled water you will enjoy in the States.


Icelandic Glacial- Akin to FIJI, Icelandic Glacial is pure because it has not been touched by human hands and its seal of freshness is unique to your personal water drinking experience.  Hailed around the world as the most green products on the market, you will not only be treating yourself to a highly regarded water but keeping your brain refreshed during grueling days at work.  Another healthy tidbit about Icelandic Glacial: this water is disinfected by ultraviolet light, which destroys various microorganisms that may have been in it.


San Pellegrino Water- If it’s good enough for Leonardo da Vinci, it must be good enough for us, especially while at work.  Borne from the mountains of Milan, Italy this water is among the best because of its source: three springs which effortlessly yield water from the ground at 69.8 degrees Fahrenheit.  Derived from an aquifer that is more than 1,000 feet below its surface, this delicious mineral water will surely quench your thirst and keep you hydrated while working.


What is your favorite bottled water to drink while working?  Leave a comment below or tell me on Twitter @gerilynhayes today!


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