Love Traveling? These Are The Top Places To Be In 2015.

Some of the best cities to visit in 2015 have wonderful celebrations lined up for tourists.

Lonely Planet's in a festive mood. The popular travel guide recently released it's list of the must-visit cities, and they all have one big thing in common: a big party going on.  

Here's where you should head to in 2015, according to Lonely Planet. Happy trails to you!

1) Washington, DC, USA

The year 2015 marks the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. The city will mark it by displaying the famous top hat as well as the pistol that died Lincoln in. Enjoy being in a political center amid cherry blossoms, a wide array of museums and monuments that make this city tops on Lonely Planet's list.

2) El Chaltén, Argentina

Despite having flaky connectivity spots (as well as one single ATM that runs out of money!), this mountain village will celebrate its 30th anniversary. So come here to indulge in your trekking spirit and the charm of a village-esque town that reminds of you a simpler time.

3) Milan, Italy

Rather than be intimidated by the people who are likely to be perfectly elegant, with not an Italian curl out of place, enjoy the best of what people ought to come to Italy for first: food. Between May and October 2015, Milan will host Expo 2015, a series of world fairs. Much to foodies' content (as well as the local Italians, knowing their passion for food), the fairs will mostly focus on food.

4) Zermatt, Switzerland  

This resort-laden city will take part in celebrating the 150th anniversary of the famed ascent of Edward Whymper and his party to the summit of Matterhorn. In honor of this, the city will recreate the journey on an open-air stage, as well as the opening of Hörnli Hut at the base of the infamous mountain.

5) Valleta, Malta

If you want to witness how this ancient city remembers “The Great Siege” that happened 450 years ago then mark your calendars for Sept. 8, 2015. And maybe, if you’re lucky, you might see Game of Thrones being shot somewhere in this lovely older city. 

6) Salisbury, U.K.

This quintessential English town will be celebrating the 800th anniversary of the singing of the Magna Carta – which was the first stepping stone credited for advancing the human rights we enjoy today. Champagne, flower shows and talks will overflow within the quaint town in 2015. 

 7) Vienna, Austria

Fairytale meets festivity in this city in 2015. It's the 150th anniversary Emperor Franz Josef putting together trophy sights from the Rathaus to the Staatsoper, bringing forth the famed Ringstrasse. There’s also the 650th anniversary of the University of Vienna, alma mater of Sigmund Freud and 15 Nobel Prize winners. Want more? There’s a Eurovision Song Contest, too.

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