This Saucy Granny Is Out To Steal Your Man

She’s given the word wicked a new meaning. The twerking 86-year-old grandma from Williamstown, Kentucky, calls herself 'Baddie Winkle' and has become an almost overnight internet sensation.

No one really stood a chance after her first tweet:

Her Twitter profile brags she’s been “stealing your man since 1928.”

From the looks of it, she isn’t bragging:

She is perky, full of spunk and has a thing or two to teach people much younger than her.  Baddie Winkle joined Twitter just earlier this month. The day after her Twitter following reached 11,000 followers, she created an Instagram account where she is followed by the likes of Rihanna.

When Winkle tweeted if she got over 1,000 retweets she would sell tie-dye T-shirts featuring a photo of her wearing a tie-dye T-shirt, her tweet gained over 4,000 retweets, and she began selling the shirts and shorts for $28.50 and $35.00, respectively, through the Etsy shop Psychicbabe.

Here are some of Baddie Winkle classics:

Bad-ass Granny in action: Can you pop, drop and lock it like her?

Beware boys; don’t say we didn’t warn you:

Just another day:

Giving twerking a whole new angle:

And there’s one thing for sure. Her grandkids are super lucky:

For those of you who wonder if she is on something:

And this is how the colorful and energetic lady keeps herself charged:

Also, just in case you are wondering if her account is run by someone else:


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