Women Want To Buy Big Butts

The boom of an economy that caters to big butts. More women are seeking various methods to enhance the size of their behinds.

Getting more junk in the trunk gradually became a positive thing with the rising popularity of big butts in the media – and it seems, for lack of a better word, that the market for big butts has reached its peak.

Be it through plastic surgery, padded underwear or exercise regimens, women who want their rear ends to stand out are finding out how to do it and it's starting to affect the economy. Noticing this trend, different businesses have capitalized on the opportunity to, as Sir Mix-a-Lot might say, "to shake that healthy butt."

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Booty Pop, a Boston store, offers its customers a way to “Go from FLAT to FAB.”

“Now you too can have a Hollywood backside that turns heads! No expensive surgery or overpriced trainer required,” says its website. The sales of its padded underwear have gone up 47 percent in the past six months, according to the Associated Press.

Then there’s the plastic surgery option, called a Brazilian butt lift. It uses the fat from the body to pump up a person’s behind. Along with butt implants, the total number of such surgeries U.S. surpassed 15,000 during 2013. This statistic is seen as the “most significant increase” in plastic surgeries, according to The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

DailyBurn, which offers online workout videos, also noticed the growing demand when its butt workout video hits doubled earlier this year. They plan to introduce another workout that targets the butt area of the body later this year.

Perhaps it all started when Sir Mix-a-Lot first rapped about big butts in the '90s. That’s when men realized that they “cannot lie” – baby got back is a sexy look. Then, Beyonce came around, letting women know how awesome being “bootylicious” was. Nicki Minaj rapped about her “big fat” butt in “Anaconda.” And more recently most notoriously, Kim Kardashian tried to break the Internet with pictures of her half-exposed behind.

With all of this booty celebration, it's no surprise flat-behinded women are taking matters into their own hands.

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