Black Milk Clothing Line Disappoints Fans

Shame on you, Black Milk. It’s off-putting when clothing brands shamelessly endorse an unhealthy body image.

It’s devastating, however, when a brand that is celebrated for its mindfulness stoops to a similar level.

Black Milk Clothing shattered expectations when it used Mayim Bialik AKA Amy Farah Fowler from The Big Bang Theory to depict an unattractive nerdy girl. This move serves as a 180 degree turn from its very own “commandments”:

  1. You shall be excellent to one another.

  2. You shall not make critical comments on other women’s bodies.

Below is the meme Black Milk Clothing used to portray what nerdy girls expect to look like and what they actually look like.

There are two things immediately wrong with this image. They are asserting that girls would rather look like the girl on the left and that Maiyam Balik is unattractive. 

Maybe this post could have been the oversight of a single Black Milk social media member who may not have fully recognized the sexist nature of this meme. Maybe this was not a reflection of Black Milk itself. However, the way they reacted to the backlash is what really perturbed fans. Instead of apologizing when people pointed out that the post was hateful and directly contradicted its “holier than thou” commandments, Black Milk started deleting comments and coming back with snarky reactions.  Here is just one of the several snide remarks Black Milk made.

Black Milk eventually apologized. 

With power comes responsibility. Black Milk’s social media team mangled the message of the brand: to be yourself.  A brand of such popularity should have known better than this.

Black Milk better watch out, for Sheldon must be very upset:

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