Women Can Buy A Thigh Gap With Their Jeans At This Store

There’s finally a store you can go to buy a thigh gap.

For sale: a product for women who need a thigh gap because they are not good enough.

The video is hilarious yet it hits a mark. Unnatural beauty standards including body weight, skin color and even something as idiotic as a thigh gap amazingly have the power to make people undermine their true worth.

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Therefore, this video from comedy group JustBoobs Sketch is a welcome slap in the face of fake standards of beauty.

At "Thigh Gap" for just $69.99, one can get a pair of jeans with a small wooden stick that can be wedged between upper thighs and presto! You have a beautiful and enviable thigh gap.

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The ad nails the absurdity of the trends home with million dollar killer lines like, “The scars are a constant reminder of the sins of my womanly figure!” and “Thigh gap: because you aren’t good enough."

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