Boy Makes Video Game For His Blind Grandmother VIDEO

Sometimes school science projects can become really interesting if they are mixed with ingredients like love and affection. This has been comprehensibly manifested by the science project made by 10-year-old and fifth grade Californian schoolboy Dylan Viale from Hidden Valley Elementary for her blind grandmother.

His game named Quacky’s Quest where on one hand helped securing first position in the competition also symbolizes his love for his grandmother.

According to his father, Dino Viale, 'Dylan wanted to figure out a way that he could share his love for video games with her.' In order to ensure that his grandmother can play the game he used sounds as keys.

The game which is based on a maze in which Quacky, the duck has to complete in order to get the golden egg with the help of sound cues instructs about the accuracy or inaccuracy of the direction being taken.

In addition to this the sound of giant spiders has also been integrated in the game to depict wrong direction.

All in all, what the game actually presents is the notion of love that prevails between relations and the efforts that little ones can take to strengthen them.

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