If You Text And Drive, Read This And It Might Save Your Life

While driving, many of us are guilty of taking a peek at the latest text message that has just beeped on our phones. And now that you’ve seen it, might as well shoot off a quick reply. That might be a fatal mistake.

When texting while driving becomes the leading cause of death, surpassing fatalities caused by reckless intoxicated driving, that is when alarm bells start ringing.

In that respect, the Department of Transportation has recently launched its first ever national campaign against such irresponsible driving.

The following public service announcement is incorporated in a brilliantly put together 30 second advertisement that highlights their motto: U Drive U Text U Pay

Claiming the lives of approximately 1.6 Million drivers every year, including an increasing amount of teenagers, there is the chance of a frightful rise in the aforementioned figure, according to National Safety Council.

Many blame the use of smartphones that compel a teen to overlook the dangers on the road and divert their attention to a mere text message. However, ironically enough, 48 percent of the teenagers claim to have witnessed adults driving while texting.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has even started a hashtag #JustDrive, which is generating quite a response. NHTSA officials have also been active on Twitter and are answering all driving queries. Their responses could help reduce possible future casualties.

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