You've Never Seen A Cat Video Like This. Super Cat Saves Boy From Ferocious Dog.

The cat might have very well saved this boy's life.

You’re probably used to hearing stories about how a dog saved the life of their owner. In this amazing video a cat is actually the hero that saves its owners life, and it was all caught on film by a surveillance camera.

A little boy was innocently playing on his tricycle outside of his house in Bakersfield  Tuesday when the neighbor’s dog attacked the little boy, taking him down off the tricycle. The ferocious dog began biting the boys leg when suddenly, out of nowhere, his cat charges after the dog. The dog let go of the boy and ran off. As if that wasn’t enough, the cat turns around and goes after the dog a second time ensuring the boys safety.

The boy’s mother reported that he is doing fine but he did need a few stitches, according to 23ABC News. The dog is under observation.

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