NASA Wants You To Be A Part Of Their Global Selfie- Here’s How You Can Be In It

April, 19, 2014: NASA is celebrating Earth Day this year with a massive global selfie and guess what? You can be in the photo too. Here’s how.

Be Part Of A Global Selfie

Print and hold the sign above to take a selfie and send it to NASA.

All you have to do is to step outside on Earth Day, take a picture of yourself and use the hashtag #GlobalSelfie on April 22 and send it out on Twitter, Instagram, the Google or Facebook event pages or the Flicker #GlobalSelfie group.

NASA will then use these selfies to create a crowd-sourced mosaic image of Earth – a new “Blue Marble” built bit-by-bit with all your #GlobalSelfie photos.

But don’t just follow rules, the space agency also asks people to get creative:

1. Get outside & show us mountains, parks, rivers, lakes, historic monuments.
2. Tell us where you are in a sign, written in the sand, spelled out with rocks - you get the idea!


The campaign aims to create awareness about the environment and recognize the agency's ongoing work to protect the Earth.

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The new photo will reference a full-frame picture of Earth, called the "blue marble" photo, released from NASA in 2012. The single image is a mosaic of several photos taken in January that year.

It’s a great initiative by NASA and a very smart one too. With the global obsession with taking selfies, what better way than this to get people to participate.

So what are you thinking? Get your camera out, go outdoors and snap a selfie.

Here are some people who have done just that:

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Be Part Of A Global Selfie

Be Part Of A Global Selfie

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