This Proves That Giving Children Junk Food Is Equal To Killing Them

So, how does junk food affect your kid’s health?

If you want to know how devastating junk food can be for your health then you must watch this video.

It begins with an obese man who is suffering from a heart attack, lying on a hospital bed.

While the doctors try to save his life, the person reflects upon all the wrong food and lifestyle choices he made, going all the way back to his childhood memories where his parents are shown feeding him junk food.

Although the PSA was released last year by Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta as part of a wellness movement called “Strong4Life” – aiming to reverse the epidemic of childhood obesity and its associated diseases in Georgia – it went viral over the weekend after a Reddit user reposted it.

The video emerged at a time when the advertising guidelines pertaining to the marketing of food to children have been called into question after products such as Kit Kats and Coco Pops are being classified as “healthy.”

An Australian Cancer Council analysis found that 63 percent of food that appeared in television advertisements was considered unhealthy under Food Standards Australia New Zealand nutrient profiling.

According to a Sydney Morning Herald report:

“Researchers analyzed food advertisements that appeared on television between 6 a.m. and 9 p.m. over a two-week period. They found that companies which had signed up to an industry-regulated marketing code were still advertising food that would be considered unhealthy by government standards.”

The research has been published in the industry journal Nutrition and Dietetic.

You can watch the complete powerful anti-obesity PSA in the video above.

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