Chilling Video Proves Social Media Is Making Us Antisocial And Lonely

This eye-opening video shows just how anti-social the social media is making us.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram… Through social media we are connected to thousands of people all over the world, talking, sharing experiences and getting to know other cultures.

We are never really alone, there is always someone out there to like our status, compliment us on our latest look and comment on our latest experience.

Or is it just an illusion?

The video shows that it is just that.

It shows us just how while we're immersed in our screens almost 24 hours a day, posting photos of everything under the sun, liking and commenting on Facebook statuses, real life is passing us by.

According to a study, multitasking in the digital form through social media can leave today’s children socially incompetent.

Here’s How: Facebook Might Be Making You Dumber

The truth is; move us away from the screen, and we’re a socially awkward generation.

 In a recently conducted survey, 24% of people said that they had missed an important moment because they were too busy trying to share it on a social network. 

Let’s face it; online communication can never be the same as talking face-to-face or being on an adventure with someone in person rather than posting a photo on Instagram.

Not checking our smartphone or ipad/laptop screen every few minutes will not put an end to our lives. In fact, it will give us a chance to experience life for what it really is.

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