Can Anyone Save China’s Dogs From Being Eaten?

Not every one’s stomach turns at the thought of eating a dog, especially In China. A Dog Meat Festival is scheduled to take place in Guangxi next month and it has ignited protests from dog lovers including actress Yang Mi.

“Cancel 6/21 Dog Meat Festival: Please don’t eat us, we are mankind’s friends,” reads the poster and echoes the demand of hundreds of people raising their voice against the festival.

The post by actress Yang Mi on Chinese micro blogging SIna Weibo is going viral.

“The loyalty of dogs to man exceeds my imagination. I treat dogs as friends, I don’t eat dog meat, and I oppose the use of dog meat as food. Doggies are kind-hearted, don’t eat them!! As a result, I oppose 2014 06.21 [June 21st] Guangxi province Yulin city’s Summer Solstice Lychee Dog Meat Festival! I call for an end to any dog meat festival! A single person’s strength is little so we need everyone’s approval and support! Regardless of whether or not you love dogs, I don’t ask that you click upvote, I only ask that you forward/reshare this,” she demands online.

The outcry to put an end to the festival has reached an international level:

The festival is an ancient tradition and annual celebration of Chinese culture. It is celebrated by eating dog meat, lychees and drinking liquor. There are about 10,000 dogs slaughtered for the event.

Dog meat is part of diet in countries like China, Japan, Vietnam and Korea.

There has been increased global criticism, especially from Western countries, and animal rights campaigners, who not only ask that eating dog meat be outlawed, but have grave concerns about the way the animals are kept and killed before being consumed.

Guardian’s Kate Hodal described the dog meat eating scene in Vietnam, “Some diners believe the more an animal suffers before it dies, the tastier its meat, which may explain the brutal way dogs are killed in Vietnam – usually by being bludgeoned to death with a heavy metal pipe (this can take 10 to 12 blows), having their throats slit, being stabbed in the chest with a large knife, or being burned alive.”

There’s a petition out to put an end to the Stop the Yulin Dog Meat Festival.

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