Chinese Zoo Replaces Lion With Furry Dog (Pictures)

The scam worked until the lion started barking. Lost in the hubbub of scientists finding a new mammal has been another zoo story from China.

A Chinese zoo, in an effort to cut spending, has recently replaced their lions with furry dogs intended to look like lions. The scam worked until the lion started barking.

Inside the Chinese exhibit labeled “African lion” sat a Tibetan mastiff dog. Dogs were also placed in wol cages and foxes were subbed in as leopards. The Chinese zoo has not given information on why they switched out the animals, but there are rumors that the real lion is currently away breeding.

Imagine that: an adorable zoo story involving animals that like to breed: suck it, pandas

Chinese zoos have struggled to make money after a recent law dictating that all zoos must operate as non-profits. This particular Chinese zoo has also faced trouble concerning recent animal escapes. Two crocodiles from the zoo are still missing in the wild.

Not going to lie, that dog has one awesome lion impression. If I was at a zoo, and saw the pup pictured here, I would figure it was some weird lion/prairie dog hybrid. I’d also name it “Kentwood” and add it to my list of ridiculous animals I plan to buy when I have a million dollars. It will be friends with my giraffe, swordfish, and zonkey.

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