Christmas Lights Brighten L.A. Neighborhood In 50-Year Old Tradition (Video)


A Los Angeles neighborhood's holiday lights bring Christmas spirit and plenty of smiles to visitors young and old. The evening traffic congestion begins along "Candy Cane Lane" in Los Angeles.

For the past 50 years residents here have lit up their homes - and the neighborhood - with elaborate Christmas decorations. And for many who've grown up with fond memories of the spectacle, no Christmas is complete without a visit to their favorite light show.

Maria Loweski, a homeowner on Candy Cane Lane, says,"My grandmother was one of the ones to start it. We do it every year and we drive it almost every night. They love it. My husband puts almost 80-thousand lights for them."

Residents go all out to bring a wintrier atmosphere to the city of endless summer. And even though the road is called Oxnard Street for 11 months of the year, residents revel in the opportunity to make the holiday season shine on "Candy Cane Lane".

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