Coffee Underwear? Federal Trade Commission Says "No".

The FTC orders refunds for false claims. Need to lose some lbs?

Coffee underwear has been touted as reducing fat and cellulite. But put down that credit card! The Federal Trade Commission says "Nope." 

Companies claiming that underwear infused with caffeine will help shrink fat have been ordered to refund money to customers and pull advertisements for the products. 

This comes as no surprise to tweeters and others across the web: 

The refunds will total $1.5 million to consumers for false product claims.

In addition to the refunds, Norm Thompson Outfitters, Inc., a catalog retailer based in Oregon, and Wacoal America, Inc., a lingerie company in New Jersey, are prohibited from making any further unsubstantiated claims about their coffee infused “shapewear.”

Made with Lytess brand fabrics, the underwear was sold online costing $49 to $79.  The Norm Thompson  company promised that the garments would reduce hip measurements by up to two inches and thigh measurements by one inch “without any effort”. 

So what's a consumer to do?

The old standby works just fine: diet and exercise.

Coffee lovers should not only avoid caffeine undies but stay away from high calorie coffee drinks all together.

For example, a large Dunkin' Donuts Frozen Mocha Coffee Coolatta with Cream has 1,050 calories. 

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