You’II Be Surprised Over The Sources Of These Famous Words

Here are some famous quotes that are usually attributed to the wrong person

It’s such an utter delight to share quotes right? Whether they are related to love or the struggles of life, we automatically click the share button and voila! The distorted quote has now reached hundreds of others, even if the source is completely false.

With a whooping amount misattributed on a daily basis, It's like having an entire vault of quotations devoted to people who never said or wrote them.

Let’s have a look at some of these quotes:

Following can be considered an awakening from misattributed quotes from the cyberspace:

Marilyn Monroe, who mesmerized the world, was not known for holding back her tongue. However, she never commented on well-behaved women. These lines were actually part of an obscure scholarly essay entitled, “Vertuous Women Found: New England Ministerial Literature, 1668-1735.″ by Pulitzer prize-winning scholar Laurel Thatcher Ulrich.

Could you believe that someone actually attributed Hitler’s quote to Taylor Swift? As crazy as it sounds, a girl on Pinterest did just that as a joke. Oh Boy the criticism she received was enough to make her regret it for a lifetime.

Being an icon of 20th century, it seems highly probable that Audrey Hepburn was responsible for this soulful beauty tip, but in fact, it was humorist Sam Levenson. Hepburn often quoted his essays publicly.

Laughter and Charlie Chaplin sound synonymous. I guess it’s enough for us to associate him with a quote that didn’t come from his mouth or pen.  The words were initially expressed nearly two centuries ago by a witty French writer Nicolas Chamfort in a periodical.

It’s highly impossible that Lennon would have voiced the quote from his mother’s womb because it appeared a year before he was even born. It was first published in a book by Martha Troly called Phrynette Married. 

Don’t you just love Brangelina to bits now! But wait, Brad Pitt hasn't had a wife for several years so who is the chick he is referring to as his wife? Apparently, we all have been falling victim to the notion that Pitt was the quote creator while the original author is still in hiding.

Next time you have tingles for sharing a quote, check your facts first!

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