Condom Couture Pairs Pleasure With HIV Prevention

These dresses aren't just ribbed for your pleasure -- they could change the world.

We'll never win the fight against HIV/AIDS if one of our greatest tools is still whispered about instead of promoted widely and loudly.

Condoms are essential in blocking HIV transmission and increased use has been tied again and again to lower HIV/AIDS rates. But public health advocates face an uphill battle when people are ashamed to talk about condoms or seek them out.

So designers decided to help condoms go more mainstream. Several designers around the world, including Brazilian artist Adriana Bertini, specialize in "condom couture" -- that is, clothing and jewelry made from condoms. 

Bertini's work is on display at the 20th International AIDS Conference in Australia. 

"These colorful and sensual clothes help to demystify and destigmatize condoms and 'refashion' them as objects associated with pleasure," conference organizers write.

Other artists have worked in condom couture before. Here's a sampling of the best clothing made from the unlikeliest material:







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