Couple Adopts Two Brothers...And Then Their Six Siblings!

The pair had problems conceiving naturally so they turned to the foster-adopt system.

WOW! This is an amazing and heartwarming story. 

A couple who originally adopted two siblings have now also adopted six more of their brothers. That's a family of eight!

The brothers are Noah, Chase, Garrett, Hayden, Ashton, Curran, Bryer and Zayn. Big sister Autumn helps hold down the fort.

Melissa and Scott Groves, from Omaha, Nebraska are the amazing couple who have legally adopted the brothers ranging in age from a young teen to a baby.

After being unable to conceive, the couple decided to become foster parents in December 2003 after Melissa visited her aunt and was inspired by her story of fostering.

They enrolled in ten weeks of foster parent training and were eventually qualified. A few weeks later received their first case.  They were told there was a sibling group of five and two of the younger boys needed emergency care.

Melissa admitted they were a little panicked at the thought of fostering two children ages three and 22 months.

“Perhaps it was divine intervention, I don’t know, but what I do know was that the boys’ ‘short’ stay with us turned into adoption,” she says.

Within weeks of the legal adoption going through for Chase, three and Noah, two, they received a phone call from their previous case worker informing them the pair had a new brother with an immediate need for a foster placement upon his birth.

So after less than a year, the family grew yet again with the addition of Baby Garrett.  Eleven months later they were surprised with another call concerning the arrival of another newborn brother, Hayden.

Born with a cleft lip, drug exposed, and premature, the baby had a rough road ahead but Melissa and her husband were up for the challenge.

The couple also adopted two more of the brothers - Ashton joined at four-months-old and then newborn Curran came along in May 2009.

Melissa then received a Facebook message from the boys’ birth mom asking if they would consider adopting her unborn baby.

'We had every reason to say no—not enough money, not enough time, etc. but somehow things seemed to fall into place and the following June we found ourselves in a hospital waiting room awaiting the arrival of our son, Bryer,' she says.

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