7 Of The World's Craziest, Scariest Rides

These rides will throw you for a loop and then some.

Summer's here and it's time to kick your fun into high gear. If you're an adventure seeker, sometimes you don't need to look further than your local amusement park for the scariest ride of your life.

Amusement parks are always trying to outdo each other on the fastest, twistiest and just downright scream-inducing ride. Sometimes the results can get a bit bizarre.

Check out these gems for the world's craziest and scariest rides:

X2, Six Flags Magic Mountain, California

You better be comfortable with your seat swinging off of the track before getting on X2. The roller coaster has 360-degree rotating seats so you never quite know where your body will be. Couple the face-down drops at 76 mph and the promise your chair will flip "over and over again" with sound effects and a light show on the ride and you'll definitely stagger off of this coaster.


Verrückt, Schlitterbahn, Kansas


At 168 feet, it reaches higher than Niagara Falls, it'll send you on speeds up to 70 mph and its name literally means insane. 

But this is no roller coaster. Kansas City has the world's tallest water slide, 17 stories of insanity that includes a five-story hill. The slide's tagline is simply "R U insane?" To ride this slide, probably.


Nothin' But Net, Zero Gravity Amusement Park, Texas

You should know what you're getting into when you walk into Zero Gravity Amusement Park. And one of the most popular rides, Nothin' But Net, is nothin' but straightforward. You'll be hoisted 16 stories up, dangling over nothing but a net and then just set free. Hopefully the 100-foot free fall happens so fast you don't have time to question whether you'll hit the net.


X-Scream, Stratosphere, Nevada

A teeter-totter doesn't sound like too much of a thrill ride. Until you stick it nearly 900 feet up in the air dangling off of a building. X-Scream puts a roller coaster car on a teeter-totter-like track and messes with your mind as seemingly random stops and starts make it feel like you're about to take a death plunge.


Russia's Scariest Ride

It's not clear what this is. It's not clear exactly where this is. But the screams need no translation. This video of an insane ride in Russia makes us nervous just watching it. It all starts out well enough that you'll think, "They have these everywhere." Then the twist comes. Literally. 


Eejanaika, Fuji-Q Highland, Japan

Like the X2 in California, Eejanaika is a "fourth dimension" roller coaster. You'll get the 360-degree spins, this time at speeds nearly 80 mph with a 90-degree drop. In case geometry isn't your strong point, that's absolutely vertical. (Which really scares the pants off of the guy in this video -- there is some profanity.)


Action Park (all of it), New Jersey

The other rides here might scare you to pieces, but at least you know you're relatively safe. But there is a legendary amusement park in New Jersey notorious for sending guests away with bruises and broken bones; six people even died over the years, earning the park the nickname "Traction Park."

The park's Cannonball Loop, a water slide that sent you through a roller coaster-like upside down loop, was probably the biggest culprit (skip ahead to 8:16 to see the loop in action.)

Inexplicably, Action Park is making a comeback. You've been warned.

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