13 Crazy Superstitions From Around The World

Watch out if you spot a cow licking a tree! Don't walk under a ladder. Knock on wood. Throw a pinch of spilled salt over your left shoulder for luck.

Superstitions are everywhere and these are probably among the most well-known. But there are a ton of superstitions worldwide that are a little more off the beaten path.

For those who already consider 13 things a bad omen, our apologies! 

1. Gum In Turkey At Night Is Bad

"Gum is not chewed at nights; it is said that whoever chews gum at nights he/she eats flesh of dead body," according to the Turkish Cultural Foundation. Nine out of 10 dentists approve.

2. Bathroom Manners

No one wants to hear chatting in the toilet, so we can get behind this second Turkish superstition: "Do not speak in [bathroom], it brings ill-omen."

3. Don't Be A Snake Charmer

In Korea, it's bad luck to whistle after dark -- it'll attract snakes, ghosts or maybe both.

4. Salad Eaters Won't Have Kids

This one goes back to the 1800s, when people believed eating lettuce made men sterile.

5. No Haircuts On Tuesdays

India barbers won't cut hair on Tuesdays -- it's bad luck.

6. Saluting Birds

British people think spotting a single magpie is bad luck, so they salute it to ward off evil. Lonesome magpies in the United Kingdom actually have a pretty bad rap. In Scotland, they believe one magpie means death is coming. 

7. Mind Your Thumbs In Japan

If a hearse passes you in Japan, hide your thumb. This apparently protects your parents from death, as the thumb is thought of as the "parent finger."

8. Lizards Are Your Enemy

Dreaming about a lizard means you have a secret enemy

9. Third Cigarette's Not The Charm

In World War I, soldiers believed the third person to light their cigarette on a single match had bad luck. Possibly in the form of sniper fire.

10. Spilling Water For A New Job

In Serbia, it's good luck to spill water behind a person about to embark on something important, like a job interview, taking a test or traveling. Tradition says it helps the person have an easy task because of water's flow.

11. Cow Saliva Is A Sign

In Iceland, "if cows lick trees you can expect rain."

12. No Pointing At The Moon

In Taiwan, it's bad luck to point at the moon. The guardian in the moon apparently doesn't like it and will cut your ears.

13. Yo-Yo No No

Syrians banned yo-yos because they believe the toy brings drought.

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