Crazy In Love? More Like Desperate For Love.

Who isn’t looking for love? There are millions of people out there trying to find their soul mate, but meet these people who take the cake when it comes to desperate attempts at winning love.

Crazy Things

50-year-old Dan Perino hails from New York and is looking for a girlfriend. Tired of being lonely, this risk taker put out posters across the city announcing his need for a partner.

“I’m looking for an average woman that likes to do the same things that I do. I want to find a more meaningful relationship,” he declared unabashedly.

Stop shaking your head in bewilderment at his desperation. His plan has worked. His inbox is full of applicants, he has a date already set up and he doesn’t intend to stop.

He is on a mission (so to speak) to put up 500 fliers every day for the next 30 days looking for the love of his life.  

Funny or strange as his attempt may sound, he is not the only one. There are a lot of people out there who do not mind going an extra mile to find the love of their life. Whether the unconventional ways work or not is another matter.

Here are some instances that will make you think perhaps thinking out of the box may not be such a bad thing after all:

It seemed to have worked for at least one guy:

Crazy Things

“He winked, tossed this to me and walked away. I like his style,” said the recipient of this can.

Getting Shot to Win Love

Crazy Things

20-year-old Jordan Cardella thought if his lost love saw him injured she would feel sorry enough to fall back in his arms. He begged his friend to pull the trigger, and lo-and-behold the friend did just that! Fortunately the dumb (we have no qualms in labeling him that) friend took him to the hospital. Unfortunately his ex had more sense than the two of them put together and stayed away from the whole mess as well as Jordan.

Finding Love For Mom
Crazy Things

Yes, you still make it to the list if you are "well intenion-edly" concerned for a loved one.

James Doyan, wanting to help his 63-year-old mother find love and companionship got a brilliant idea. He put her up for sale on eBay!

His intentions are reflected in his pitch: “My Yiddishe Momma for Sale: Beautiful, Great Cook, Educated, Articulate, Family Focused, Caring, Priceless.” His desperation is evident in the price tag he put on her: £1.

The ad went on to add that she was in “used condition” but in “pretty good working order [with] no real defects or signs of wear and tear.” “She is stylish and loves to wear the latest fashions (sometimes forgetting her age),” her son added.

The Terrorist Trick

Crazy Things

In a desperate bid to stop her boyfriend Rodrigo Gomez from taking a job as a cruise ship waiter Grace Guajardo pulled an unthinkable stunt: She called in a bomb threat.

What followed was nothing short of a highly nerve-wracking scene from a Hollywood movie – people being evacuated, dogs trying to sniff out danger, security personnel everywhere: in short a mayhem. The stunt did win Ms. Grace her love but also landed her in the can.

Lost Boyfriend
Crazy Things

This drool-worthy poster was put up a woman from London called Isabella.

Her wish was simply looking for someone who looked like Hollywood heart-throb Ryan Gosling.

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The number listed went to a voicemail which said, "Hi this is Isabella. If you think you are my lost boyfriend just leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks, bye."

If anything, the list shows us while we may be looking for love, we still have hope.

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