10 Disturbingly Creepy Santa Photos That Will Haunt Your Dreams

Looks like it's Halloween rather than Christmas. Everyone’s happy around Christmas.

And the most popular figures surrounding the joyous season is Santa, of course because he brings us amazing presents every year.

But sometimes Santa can be creepy, very creepy.

May be that’s a bit exaggerated. There’s no axe involved, ever! But Santa can be disturbingly creepy. And in the spirit of celebration of Christmas, here we have put together some photos of such scary Santas, who also apart from being creepy look absolutely hilarious. Check out.

The creepy wax-faced Santa.

Creepy Santa Photos

I wonder why this kid is not crying!

Creepy Santa Photos

Really, a Santa clown? This little girl in the photo is Wonder Woman in disguise!

Creepy Santa Photos

Serial killer Santa.

Creepy Santa Photos

Serial killer Santa 2.

Creepy Santa Photos

It’s not Santa who is making this photo creepy, it’s the other guy with the huge red nose!


Santa giving tough looks.

Creepy Santa Photos

Vintage Santa with white eyes!


This Santa might be too tired or drunk but he looks creepy.


And here’s this Santa who’s annoyed at us for compiling this list.

Creepy Santa Photos

And here comes the bonus picture:


Now, that’s an adorable Santa trying to lulling a cute baby back to sleep. And we just absolutely love him.

Merry Christmas everyone.

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