Creepy “Twilight” Reborn Dolls

Do you like baby dolls? Haven’t you found them creepy or scary ever? Remember Chucky?

Do you like baby dolls? Haven’t you found them creepy or scary ever? Remember Chucky?

Well, as if regular baby dolls weren’t creepy enough Twilightreborn dolls are available on “Etsy.

This is a Twilight reborn baby doll available on Etsy for $650. Let’s just admit that there are people out there who buy these kinds of things but just imagine a human baby actually cuddling this thing!


So now you have to go to sleep tonight knowing that this thing exists…

But probably this is good news for twilight lovers who’ve been obsessed with Edward and Bellaand now even their daughter - Renesmee Cullen, after Breaking Dawn part 2, the final installment of the Twilightseries. So, if they really want to continue their obsession with the movie and the characters, they can buy a few of these actually!

According to the seller, the babies are made using pollypellets to replicate a squishy tooshie and tiny glass beads used for real baby weight from 6lbs to 8lbs.


The seller quotes on the site:

“You choose the details… created out of the Lulu reborn kit with twilight red eyes
The pictures are just examples of what your vampire baby can look like. The baby laying down is the lulu kit. Lulu has a partially open mouth just perfect for little vampire fangs!
It generally takes me 3 to 4 weeks to complete a baby...  lets not forget CHRISTMAS is just around the corner..what a perfect gift for someone who just loves twilight and little vampire babies.
I can give your baby a full head of rooted hair or paint hair.”


So, if you are really considering buying this vampire doll, let me just say, it’s hilarious, yes, but in a creepy, scary way! Can you imagine your kid growing up attached to these things? Gross!

This had to happen just in time of Christmas!

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