Would You Wait Five Years For A Restaurant Reservation? You Might For This Place VIDEO

Chef Damon Baehrel related the story of an elderly group that has been on the waiting list of his exclusive Earlton, N.Y., restaurant for two years.

“We are all in our Mid-seventies and eighties. We want to come before we die.”

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Exclusive is perhaps an understatement. This restaurant reservation is so sought-after, people are willing to wait five years for a chance to eat at one of Baehrel’s 12-tables, situated in the basement of his charming home.

Given that Damon Baehrel, named after its owner, is not exactly your ‘sexy’ or ‘edgy’ eatery being raved about it Foodie magazines and online publications, why are food enthusiasts from 48 countries yearning for a taste of this 15-course, $255 (before wine and tip), 4-5 hour – dining experience.

Here’s why.

The 51-year-old cook (he doesn’t like to be called chef) works completely alone. He is the waiter, the grower, the forager, the gardener, the cheese maker and the cured-meat maker. How is that possible? He grows all his ingredients in his surrounding 12-acre property.

The best part of Baehrel’s extraordinary story is that he does have a formal culinary background, as most of his skill and knowledge comes from his mother.

According to the restaurant’s website, Damon and his wife Elizebeth started out in 1989 to showcase their former catering business, Sagecrest Catering. But through world of mouth their business took on a life of it's own with people from all corners of the world requesting reservations after hearing about the food from people they knew.

His ‘Native Harvest’ motto takes farm-to-table eating to a whole other level and its no wonder why people flock to his website to make a reservation.

One wonders if they ever expect to have their turn.

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