Danger! Reusable Grocery Bags Can Make You Sick

Reusable grocery bags can get you and your family sick. Here's how to keep bags safe.

Bags Can Make You Sick

Ewwww! Who knew? Trying to help the environment can expose you to bacteria such as E. coli and noroviruses. 

How does this harmful bacteria develop inside reusable bags? Leaking meat juice can contaminate other foods. After the groceries have been emptied, the juices stay in the bag - a perfect way for bacteria to develop. Leaving bags in a hot car can also lead to dangerous bacteria growth.

Here's how to keep reusable bags clean & avoid harmful bacteria

  • Wipe out bags using a cloth and some cleaning solution after each use
  • Dry bags thoroughly
  • Wash bags on gentle cycle in the washing machine at least once per month
  • Always place meat in plastic bags and keep it separate from other foods
  • Only use your food bags for food, not for other items such as diapers, gym clothes or toys
  • Avoid storing reusable bags in the trunk of your car, which can promote bacteria growth
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